I’m Already Hungry – Isagenix Cleansing Package Arrives!

A few days ago, I announced that I would be doing a 9 day cleansing program. No, I’m not breaking out with zits and need to fight acne with a new cleanser, though apparently, this helps that too. Cleansing is a method of flushing out all the toxins and impurities that build up in your body from the food that you eat and the environmental factors you expose yourself to. It enhances your bodies natural ability to absorb nutrients again, which gives you more energy. One of the things people notice the most is that you also lose weight. Apparently, toxins like fat cells. When you flush the toxins, you flush the fat too. Cool.

My Isagenix Program Arrives! Three Nine Day Programs of the Isagenix Cleanse

Well, all the stuff arrived today. I’ll be starting this program tomorrow with Kelly. I looked at the contents of the package, and I couldn’t imagine that being for more than one person. Kelly is going to do a back to back 9 day cleanse, while I’m only doing a single. That means only a third of that pile is mine. I’m going to be sufffering like a dog because I love to eat! I think I could eat my share in a single day.

Although it is a 9 day cleanse, it will be 11 days because they recommend that I start on a 2 day Pre-Cleanse to get my body used to it. In those initial 2 days, I can only have two shakes, or two soups, plus a sensible 400 – 600 calorie meal. To give you a bit of perspective, a Big Mac has about 560 calories, with no drink and no fries. So in other words, that’s a truly tiny meal. Looks like I ain’t seeing any Foie Gras in the next two weeks!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my weigh in, a before picture, and my measurements. I’ll update those on day 3, 10 and then the end as per the progress chart in the Isagenix manual. Before I go to bed, I’ll post up my “Personal Analysis” and my “Personal Success Promise” as per the manual. Stay tuned!

Correction: Looks like this is a back to back 9 day program. My order hasn’t arrived yet with my single 9 day program, but it won’t stop me from starting tomorrow.

PS: OK, I decided the Personaly Analysis and the Personal Success Promise were silly, so we’ll start with my before shots, my measurements, and my weight and body mass index tomorrow morning.