I Just Saved a Bunch on My Car Insurance

It’s true! And nope, I didn’t need GEICO or Progressive! Well, even if I wanted to use them, I couldn’t because they don’t serve the Canadian Market.

I went down to renew my insurance today, but instead of heading down to the regular insurance place, I went down to BCAA. BCAA sells all sorts of insurance. I already get my house and my travel insurance from them, and I heard their extended auto was dirty cheap as well. I really wasn’t expecting much of a discount. I figure, if I saved $50 bucks, I’d be laughing.

I give them my Canadian Direct insurance quote, and they punch in my info. They came back with a quote that was over $200 less than my other quote. Since I no longer drive to work (I get up and walk into my office) I qualified for “Pleasure Use” driver premiums, so I got an additional discount on my Basic and my Extended. So together, I ended up saving over $300 for my insurance renewal. The insurance is underwritten by ING Direct. Pleasure use is defined as driving less than six days of the month for work, just FYI.

I paid for the whole year up front on my VISA which gives me 1% cash back. So I actually ended up saving MORE THAN $300. Gotta love that!

So folks, it looks like the new King of extended Auto Insurance is BCAA. At least in my case. Unfortunately, if you’re a bad driver, there’s nothing anyone can do. Take transit maybe?