Dot Com Pho After Hours – Fast and Furious Edition

This week you get a two for one deal. An After Hours Double Feature, extended cut if you will.

Since there simply wasn’t enough footage last week with just Leo Chiang and me at Dot Com Turk After Hours, we decided to just film what we ate and include it into this weeks video. I hope you’re hungry folks because we both ate over thirty dollars worth of food each. Leo is going to come out to Kam Do for lunch later this week to attempt the Legendary Mixed Grill. Will Leo join me in the Kam Do Hall of Fame? Or will he blow chunks in the parking lot? You’ll have to stay tuned!

At this week’s Dot Com Pho After Hours we welcome some familiar faces back including John Chow who is back from answering war crimes against Pandas in China, and Michael Kwan, who is happy to not be freezing his ass off in Edmonton. We get a look at the Kindle 2 for our gadget segment, we discuss the Segway and why Michael should not ride one (but he could ride the new GM PUMA).

We also engage in banter with Ed Lau about why he thinks the Subaru STI sounds like a car the Swedish Chef built?! Also uncovered is the Mystery of John Dory on Hells Kitchen and we recite many quotes from the Fast and Furious movie franchise and give away some posters. Enjoy!

If you’d like to win my last “Fast and Furious: New Models. Original Parts.” poster, just like the one Ed Lau and Michael Kwan got, make a comment in this post with YOUR favourite Fast and Furious quote from any of the movies in the franchise. I’ll randomly draw for it sometime next week.