Day 2 – Isagenix Pre-Cleanse – Recap

Today marks the end of Day 2 of the Pre-Cleanse phase of the Isagenix Cleansing program. It also means that tomorrow officially starts our 9 day cleanse. The Pre-Cleanse gets you ready for the shock of not eating a whole lot for the next few days. I’m glad I did the Pre-Cleanse. At least I’ve experienced a little of what to expect and my body won’t receive such a bad shock. Since tomorrow is day 3, I’ll be weighing myself again, and taking my measurements to compare against the start day numbers.

Todays highight was the salad I had for lunch…

You know you're in trouble when your salad tastes as good as a steak...

There must be something wrong with me when I look forward to and enjoy a salad. It wasn’t a bad salad, but it’s weird when I can say this tasted as good as a steak. I have never eaten a salad so slowly, savouring every moment like it was my last meal. Technically, it is my last real meal since I will be starting my full cleanse tomorrow. The salad contained 5 ounces of salmon seasoned with salt and pepper. It was seared with a bit of olive oil, then tossed in the oven to finish. The greens consisted of cucumbers, red peppers, and chives. The dressing was a mixture of lemon juice, balsamic, and olive oil.

I was able to talk to my Isagenix Coach today and she cleared up my question about the snacks. Yes, I can eat almonds and the Isagenix snacks during my pre-cleanse days, so no, I didn’t already cheat. She said the key was to space the snacks apart so that I maintained my blood sugar levels. She also suggested that if the “Horse Tablets” (aka Isagenix Snacks) tasted like crap, I should chew them with a couple almonds. I did try that, and it did seem to lessen the bad taste I had in my mouth. Apparently, the chocolate ones are way better, and I can’t wait to get them on Monday when my package arrives.

Today, I’ve generally had this floating feeling along with the caffeine withdrawal. The caffeine headaches aren’t as pronounced as on day 1, but I can still feel them. Today, I felt more tired, but I didn’t feel as hungry as I did the day before. I guess my body is starting to adapt. I also had a hard boiled egg between lunch and dinner as one of my snacks. That seemed to help.

I didn’t have a chance to exercise, but I quickly threw down 20 situps and 20 push ups before downing my Vile Liquid Shooter (Ionix Supreme) and the happy intestine pill (Isaflush). I also drank all the water I could drink to flush out the horrible taste from that dark gooey liquid.

Tomorrow, it’s pretty much liquids and horse tablets…err…I mean Isagenix Snacks. If I get hungry, I can take them with almonds, or a hardboiled egg as per the manual. I think I’ll be taking advantage of all the snacking I can get. No shakes or a sensible meal tomorrow so it will be my toughest day yet. Goodnight!