Day 2 – Isagenix Pre-Cleanse – Good Grumpy Morning!

Well, I didn’t have enough strength to stay up, so I went to bed early. I slept quite well actually. I was happy till I had to wake up. Then the caffeine headache came back. I popped my pill already and I took down the shake. This time, I used ice to blend the shake, and it was almost bearable. It tasted more like a cold gross smoothy, than a warm one. Of course, we know that warm ones are most gross, so it was an improvement, nonetheless. I don’t think my stomach is used to drinking something that cold in the morning. It feels a bit funny. Then I got a nasty brain freeze.

Well, off to Mandarin Class. I hope last night’s side effect of stupidness doesn’t follow me because I need my brain! Just in case I get hungry… I got almonds! Yay! A whole six of them! 😛