Before I headed off to CES, I got a call from the local Electronic Boutique that a set of Wii Component Cables I preordered ages ago had arrived. Of course I didn’t need them anymore since I already got mine, but I figured I might as well pick them up anyway. Who knows, maybe a friend needed them.

I go there today to pick them up, and they tell me they aren’t there. I told them that wasn’t possible since I put down a prepaid deposit for them. Apparently, even though I pre-ordered them, and paid them some money (they asked for $5.00) they won’t hold them for more than 48 hrs. Well, I didn’t know this! Imagine if I really actually needed them? The message that was left for me didn’t mention this, and when they happily took my measly $5.00 way back when, they didn’t tell me then either. Since I was in Las Vegas when they called, I obviously wasn’t going to fly back in 48hrs to pick them up. What a bullshit pre-order system?

When I arrived home from Las Vegas just a couple days ago, I got a pick up notice from Purolator. I was really curious as to what it was since I hadn’t ordered anything, and usually my stuff shows up at the mailbox. I picked up the package, and to my surprise, a Wii Remote and a Wii Nunchuk was in the box! Sweet! Just what I wanted! I checked the invoice in the box and noticed that they billed me incorrectly. Instead of billing me for the Wii Remote, they billed me for a game that I had ordered. After reading reviews of the game, GT Pro Series in this case, I no longer wanted it, so the screw up was actually a good thing. Unfortunately, the game was more money, so I called today to see if I could get a credit.

The customer service guy was pretty friendly, and got the information he needed to look up the order. When I explained to him that there was an item in the order that was shipped incorrectly, but I wanted to keep it, he wanted me to ship it back. Excuse me? He wanted me to ship the incorrectly shipped item back to him, the item that I wanted to keep, so that he could follow “Policy”. He explained to me that on mis-ships, the incorrectly shipped items must be returned. He insisted that I ship it back to them. I told him that I had already threw away the package and had put it into use. Then he backed off. He then asked me to call back the next day to see what can be done. What else needs to be done? I want to keep it. Just adjust the price and let me be happy! At least I’m not yelling at you for screwing up the order!

In other news, my coffee machine stopped working last night. It started to steam and I thought it was going to catch on fire too, like my stove. Anyway, I spent all day looking at coffee machines. I learned a lot, but I just didn’t want to spend the money on the Espresso/Coffee machine I wanted as an upgrade. Dejected, I went home and tried to fix my coffee machine. After spending an hour on it, it started to work again. Apparently, “Someone” dropped tea leaves into the water chamber and clogged it. I was wondering why my coffee tasted like tea for so long?

I’m so done shopping for a while 😛