Dot Com Pho – The Telecommuting Edition

With Kwanye stuck in Edmonton with Landals, we thought we’d never be able to have a Pho together again. Not so. With the power of the Interwebs, we were able to have simultaneous Pho not only at the same time, but also at the same restaurants. Nha Trang exists in both Vancouver and Edmonton and as a result, gives us the feeling that we’re having Pho together…sort of. Next time I think we’ll take it up a notch and have laptops simultaneously broadcasting the two meets so that we can still talk and still see each other, but not like BobTV because that’s boring.

This week, we’ve ordered the smaller size of Pho with a side of spring rolls as only myself, Ed Lau, who has officially rejoined Canada after spending time as an ex-pat in Japan for months, and Ray who, like Cher or Prince, uses one name, was in attendance. Everyone else apparently has a life. Funny enough, another Chow was at the same restaurant, but not the Evil One. John’s brother drove all the way from Chilliwack to have Pho in Vancouver. Apparently, he does this on a weekly basis and has to drive over an hour whereas John won’t drive 15 minutes to come out to Vancouver. They are truly two different brothers from the same mother. Here’s this week’s combined Edmonton and Vancouver Edition…

John just posted his video of the Dot Com Pho Toronto meet up, but it seems like there is a whole lot of John Chow, and maybe that one real shot of the guy who ordered the Hai Nam Chicken Rice. It’s more like the John Chow Meet Up featuring Pho, and some other people too. The others appear briefly in the video as well, but less than the dude that keeps looking over his shoulder in the background.

Dot Com Pho will take a hiatus till September 13th so that we can have some me time and a Summer Vacation. See you then!