Dot Com Pho – The Just Pho Phun Edition

The only thing that is dead is Elvis because Dot Com Pho is more alive than ever! This week we hit Cuu Long Vietnamese Restaurant in Vancouver at the suggestion of Greg Morgan. Unfortunately, Greg decided to take off to the Pemberton Festival so that he could endure the longest traffic backup ever and enjoy the downpour of rain in this outdoor venue. As a test for the 2010 Olympics, I think based on the traffic problems, this one is a fail and they have less than two years to fix it.

Attending this week was Michael Kwan, Michael “FATAL1TY (6)” Yurechko, Tyler Ingram and Leo Chiang. Apologies for the wait in getting the video up this week but the FLIP Mino ran out of recording time so we substituted Tyler’s Canon ELPH in to record the Gadget of the Week segment. Despite the fact that the video was done yesterday, you can’t have a Dot Com Pho without a “Gadget of the Week” so I had to wait on the final cilp from Tyler so we could post it. Anyhow, Tyler finally got the clip to me today and here’s our July 26th “Just Pho Phun Edition” of Dot Com Pho…

So how as the Chow? Well, the Chow wasn’t as good as Cambie (Vancouver) Vietnamese Restaurant or Pho Thai Hoa, but still better than Pho Lan in many respects. The coffee drippers actually worked and the spring rolls weren’t obliterated in the fryer. Overall happiness still goes to the Happy Pho Guy, Brian (Bryan?) at Cambie (Vancouver) Vietnamese Restaurant. Pho Thai Hoa is still my favourite for the Chow.

We’d still like to invite any restaurants or eateries that think they can deal with us to contact me so that we can come check you out one of these Saturdays. All you have to do is put up with us for an afternoon, maybe give us some great food discounts (I’m Chinese. Have to ask.), and you might end up with a bunch of publicity from grateful local bloggers. Keep in mind, you need to be close to transit, offer parking and be centrally located in the Greater Vancouver Area. If you’re Scooter friendly, that’s a bonus.

For next week, who knows where we’ll be. It could be Pho, it could be Dim Sum, it might even be Tandori. If you want to keep up on Dot Com Pho Developments, make sure you add me to Twitter. If you want to come out, you just need to let us know by commenting on the secret pho location announcement on Friday or by tweeting me so that we can save you a seat. See you all next week!