Time to Thank the February Sponsors!

Returning this month for more mindless “Dot Commentary” and “Verbage” at its best are four brave Text Link Ad Sponsors! Who the heck are they? Well, let’s find out!

  • H&R Block have returned for February and have picked up the “Online Tax Return” link on my sponsored links area. Thanks again for your business! I’m sure you’re going to get a lot of customers in the next little while as everyone starts freaking out about tax season.
  • The Business Opportunity people emptied out their wallets and renewed the link “Business Opportunity“. Thanks for the renewal! Hope I send you a few business opportunities too!
  • Also returning this month is Advisor Garage. They renewed the “VCs & Advisors for Startups” link on my sponsored area. Have a business that needs funding or advice? Check these guys out! Thank you again!
  • Finally, Bluefish Promotions is back for February with the link “Promotional Gift“. Thanks again to the Bluefish Promotions people for renewing with me. If you need cool freebies to giveaway for your business, go check them out.

If you’re interested in picking up a link, Text Link Ads is still providing a $100 Credit for your campaign if you want to advertise with me. We’re also having a “Top Comment Whore Contest” this month so it’s a good time to buy a link and expose your company to fresh eyeballs. Yummy!

If Text Link Ads aren’t your thing, that’s cool. That’s why I’m giving Ad Volcano a try. I’m currently offering a 728×90 Leaderboard Banner at the top of my blog that is sure to get some attention. You can check out the rates right here.

Thank you for your business hope to see you again in March! 😀