The Last Isagenix Day = TODAY!

So today is the last day and my last full cleanse day!

After dealing with yucky shakes, tiny snacks and vile liquid concoctions (one and two) for a week and a half, I’m ready to enjoy a bit of coffee when I feel like it, but don’t need it, and real food in my stomach. I don’t think the human body was ever made to endure this for the long term. Otherwise weird chewy, chalky, horsetablets would grow on trees, and they’d have oranges that gave you gooey vile concoction juice.

However, even though this wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences, and took a lot of willpower to make it to the end, I will definitely be making some permanent changes to my diet. It has also taught me to never get fat again or face something like this again!

One more recap tonight, and then the final weigh in tomorrow. All I can say is, I can’t believe this was me a week and a half ago.