The Last Isagenix Day – It’s OVER!

The journey began 11 days ago. I had a wardrobe to get back into, and having an extra few inches on the gut wasn’t helping. I looked to Isagenix for the answer. I got the answer. Lots of really untasty stuff, but my willpower was stronger than the horrid taste of that vile goop that’s supposed to be good for you. I’d say it is 3x as bad as Buckleys.

Well, after 11 days, I feel thinner, and the scale says I’m lighter. My skinny pants fit. That’s a good sign. What I have learned is that in order for you to get something, you have to want it. And if you want it bad enough, you will get it. Some people just don’t want it enough. The Isagenix program isn’t for the weak willed and it’s not a new quick fix miracle diet. It is as much about you as it is about the system they use to get you there.

It was tough to change the way I ate. I love food, and good food fulfills me. Bad food sometimes fulfills a need to have it, but that’s not good food, and I pay for it the next day. It’s like Foie Gras Vs. Fish and Chips. They both do it for me, but one “Does” me back!

Would I do this program again? Do I have a choice? Well, I do have a choice. I have a choice not to get fat again. I have a choice to eat more healthy, control my appetite, and say no when my stomach says no. My eyes would disagree, but I can always shut them.

My plan is to stay on their maintenance program. Subbing the shake in for breakfast, and a couple of good snacks a day while keeping my lunch and dinner reasonable. I’m going to pick a day in the week to go a little more nuts…not totally nuts. You can’t go through life without having a little fun.

I will definitely be taking what I feed myself a lot more seriously. One thing that I know I don’t do well is drink a lot of water. The program has allowed me to find a way to change this and I think I really have found a way to make sure my water intake is optimum. I also don’t crave caffeine anymore, but I can at least be a social coffee drinker again, not needing the stuff to get me through the day. Nothing taller than a small from now on if I do, and make it an Americano…organic blend please…

I’m excited, but I’m not surprised. I worked hard, sticking to the plan, and I already feel my results. The quantity no longer matters. The proof is in the pants I’m wearing right now that I couldn’t even pull over my ass only 11 days ago. Well, tomorrow is my big weigh in, so I better get some sleep. Goodnight!