T-Shirts For a Dot Com Scooter Lifestyle

Vespa Vancouver was having a sale on scooter T-Shirts this month so I decided to scooter on down and see what it was all about. Here are a few I picked up…

This one is designed by the folks at Robotribe and is called Machine vs. Monster. The Monster is big oil and the machine to stop it is the scooter. 

Robotribe also created this one, which is more self explanatory. Called Rally On! this design celebrates all scooters, whether Japanese, Italian or Taiwanese. The more the merrier. Rally On I guess?

Finally, this last T-shirt isn’t from Robotribe. Actually, I have no clue which company came up with the design, but apparently, this emblem is from the real American Motor Scooter Association that existed in the 50’s and 60’s. These will go great with my Battlescooter T-shirt. Rally On!