Saying Goodbye and a New Dot Com Scooter Rises…

Since I got my full motorcycle learners license, I’ve been busy looking for a successor to my Yamah C3 scooter. The road was long and my ass is sore from riding so many different bikes over the last week, but the search is finally over. However, before I unveil the new leader of the Dot Com Scooter Gang, I’d like to take a moment to remember my 2007 Yamaha C3 scooter, known to everyone as Happy Scooter.

Happy Scooter came into my life on June 27th 2008. I originally purchased him to battle the overinflated gas prices and although he was quite successful in doing that, getting anywhere between 133 – 197 KM’s per 4.5 Liter tank (at around $5.30 – 6.50 per fill up), it was clear that this little scooter had more personality than anything else on the market in the 50cc class. It wasn’t the most powerful or the coolest looking, but the cavernous storage really caught my eye. For the same reason why I chose a Subaru Impreza Wagon over a sedan, I chose Happy Scooter: He was practical and was low maintenance and the extended ass end gave me a place to throw my crap.

Although he was pretty much ready to go out of the box, I made small upgrades to enhance his comfort and his usefulness. Later, I added even more practical touches, like a first aid kit that came in quite handy in patching up a certain Segway Crasher¬†during Dot Com Scooter Gang, where Happy Scooter proudly led the Dot Com Crew around Vancouver, “Meep Meeping” happily along the way. During his first check up, Happy Scooter surprised me again as a quick variator weight upgrade gave him even more pep and power, showing off just how much heart his 49cc engine had. Although the Yamaha C3 currently lacks a good base of aftermarket parts, there are manufacturers stepping up and you’ll see those parts in the very near future.

Despite his boxy demeanor, Happy Scooter comes with a formidable pedigree. His brother, a Blue 2007 Yamaha C3 Scooter owned by Mike and Keri went across Canada, from Vancouer to Barrie, this past Summer and travelled over 4486KM’s on just $153.76 worth of gas. Happy Scooter was very excited to hear that.

This past week, while looking for a new Dot Com Scooter, I was also looking for the right person to adopt Happy Scooter. I thought that his new parent would be a mommy, but she fell victim to the charms of a free Honda Ruckus, a Scooter that doesn’t hold a candle to Happy Scooter, but free is good. I went down the list of potential parents and found Chris, who just happened to be a fan of Happy Scooter and has been following his EPIC adventures around the lower mainland.

This past Tuesday, Chris became Happy Scooter’s new Papa. Chris is a cool guy and I know he’ll take good care of him. He has also promised to continue updating his Twitter account so that all his fans can continue to witness his EPIC scootering adventures as he moves from Port Moody to Vancouver. Knowing that Happy Scooter has a good home and a good Papa means that I’m now free to take delivery of my new scooter friend…

The next day after completing the adoption with Happy Scooter, I went down to the Vancouver KYMCO dealership, Rideaway Motors, to pick up the new leader of the Dot Com Scooter Gang. Instead of going back to Happy Scooter’s family, Yamaha, I decided to cast a wider net and rode all sorts of different scooters from different companies and finally settled on something from the land of the crazy scooters. We’re talking Taiwan of course. It also helped that the crew at Rideaway Motors gave me a great deal and were very helpful with the whole purchase process. If you are looking for a KYMCO Scooter in Vancouver, definitely go see them.

I am now the proud owner of a 2007 KYMCO Bet&Win 150 Scooter. Except for the weird name and the really red paint job, I immediately connected with the ride of this scooter. On the test ride I was really impressed with the quick and nimble handling and the acceleration; things that keep scooters from becoming carnage in the land of Taiwan where scooters are a way of life. In fact, I’m sure I’ve almost been run over by a couple of them over there.

I’m going to take a few more days to get acquainted with my new scooter. I haven’t even named him yet, though I have noticed that he does 110 KM/h on the Barnet Hwy and has frickin’ heat vents to keep you warm, near the steering column. I’m serious. While it was easy to figure out Happy Scooter’s personality and give him a name, it’s not so clear with this new scoot. He’s really red and really quick, but I don’t want to call him “The Flash” or something. I wasn’t sure about the color initially, particularly because it would be parked beside my red Subaru Impreza Wagon, which IMHO is a bit tacky, but oh well. Welcome Home New Scooter.