My First Yamaha C3 Scooter Mods

It's been about three weeks since I got my Scooter and I'm truly loving the freedom from the pump. I've only filled up two times so far, and both times, I've been able to fill up with change in my pocket. The first fill of $5.14 did me for around 170KM's and I'm sure that mileage will pick up as the engine breaks in more. I'm also in a neighborhood with a lot of hills (it's like a bowl) so I'm sure that has the potential to hurt my maximum gas mileage which most people are reporting that it's around the range of 200KM's per fill up.

Since I'm not one to leave well enough alone, I had to do a few mods to my scoot to make it more unique and custom to my needs. While my scooter is still under warranty, I've decided to just do mods that increase my comfort on the bike.

Get a Grip

The first thing that I tossed immediately were the grips. The stock Yamaha grips were hard and uncomfortable. I swapped them out for some Scott SX Motocross grips that have a diamond pattern and are quite grippy for those times when I'm stuck in the at Pink Pearl Dot Com Dim Sum. I had some problems getting the left grip off because Yamaha superglues it to the bar so I had to cut it off with a box cutter. The right grip was also a nuisance because the throttle is fluted so when I slip the grip on, it was a little bumpy. Its since settled down so no problem. Good upgrade.

A Scooter that Battles...

My next upgrades came from an online store called Battlescooter. I shopped all around and not only did they have a really good selection of parts, but they were very reasonable. They also shipped USPS so I wouldn't get dinged those ridiculous courier customs charges. I categorically refuse to shop at any US retailer that ships via UPS or FedEX. Theses guys also shipped FAST! Like literally, from the time that I placed the order, the stuff was on its way the next day. I watched the tracking info they gave me as my package came up to the border...and then was held by Canada Customs for nearly a week. Stupid.

I Hate The Taste Of Bugs...

From my order, I received a JDM spec windshield that is much smaller than the hideously large granny style plexiglass thing that Yamaha calls a windshield in their accessory catalog. This windshield is made from smoked plexiglass and was actually quite thick. Installation was quick and easy and only required me to remove two bolts on my Yamaha C3 speedo assembly. The bracket mounts underneath it, and the windshield bolts to the bracket. I was done in about 10 minutes.

I really like the styling. I've seen some of the goofy full sized windshields and I have to say that I don't want to look much goofier than I do already on my scooter. Sure, they might keep a few more bugs off me and offer a little more wind protection, but I'm sure that I can live with the happy medium. So far, in my limited testing of this windshield on my usual route to the post office, I've picked up an extra 3 - 4 KM/h. On a scooter, that's like NOS...two bottles...

Covering Thy Ass...

The other thing I got was a JDM Yamaha Genuine C3 Seat Cover. This cover, made for the JDM Yamaha Vox and European Giggle, fits over the original seat and gives the seating area a little more slide and a bit more wet resistance. The cover is sort of smooth which aids in water removal and prevents my ass from sticking to it on a warm day. I really hated how the old seat would stick and not let go of my pants. Fit and finish was good and looked like it belonged. Installation took about 5 minutes.

Can't Battle Without the Proper Gear...

Finally, BattleScooter also included one of their nifty Battlescooter T-Shirts. They actually had a Battlescooter Ninja T-Shirt with a Ninja dude on it, but they didn't have my size. Maybe they'll have some more when I order from them again. These guys want everyone to have one of their T-Shirts so it was a real bonus to get one of them for free so I can start my Scooter Lifestyle inspired wardrobe.

I Need Two Bottles and I Need Them By Tonight...

These did not come from Battlescooter. They came from 7-11. Although it would be suicide (yet cool) to put a NOS fogging system in my scooter, it doesn't mean that I can't have two bottles anytime I need to stay awake in Vancouver traffic. At least the floor pan won't drop out of my scooter in the heat of battle. Yes folks, these are all reference to "Fast and the Furious" so go rewatch and enjoy my jokes at Paul Walker and Vin Diesel's expense. What's even more ironic is that there is nothing "fast" or "furious" about a scooter.

Stay tuned for more scooter adventures. Don't forget to follow me and my scooter on Twitter to see what kind of mischief we're up to.

  1. I know it's a bit far for you; but when I get stuff shipped from the US and either the shipping charges to Canada are too high or the duty has the potential to be high, I get it shipped to Sumas. I can run across the border (parking and walking if the line ups are large), pay $4 for the service to the company I have it shipped to, and then be back home in 10 minutes. Normally if I'm carrying an item across the Canadian border guards will allow $80 or more without charging duty or taxes, and I can have it the next day after I order it.

    Gregg Gordons last blog post..Contest - Photoshop John Chow

    • Yeah, I used to do that, getting my stuff sent to Blaine or just outside Bellingham. Now, I've just chosen to deal with companies that use USPS. Besides, having it show up at my doorstep is nice because it is kinda far to drive over there. I just find that stupid $25.00+ brokerage fee unacceptable. I have noticed more companies switching to USPS or at least offering it these days.

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  2. Love the mods! Prepare to become addicted to tweaking things with your scooter, at least you have the Dot Com Mogul income to support your new habit.

    Just be careful with that slick seat, as it would be extremely embarrassing to slip right off if you have to come to a quick stop, lol.

    Dereks last blog post..$177,563 Worth Of Fun With Photoshop