Knowing When to Take a Break…

As some of you have noticed, I haven’t been as dilligent at maintaining a one post per day goal with my blog.  Ever since I retired, it was just go go go with building my little online empire and trying to be a Dot Com Mogul.  Recently, with my accident, and having to deal with insurance companies, my injuries, and shopping for a new car, it’s just been a lot to handle in such a short period of time. 

I started to feel some burn out symptoms like lack of motivation and energy to do the things I normally love to do.  Even after taking a short break in Las Vegas, things like talking about all the cool food that I ate down there, which you guys know I love doing, seems to be lacking in fun for me, even though I know I enjoy it. Even Futurelooks has taken a bit of a backseat as I haven’t posted or edited a new article in almost 2 weeks.

Instead of FORCING MYSELF to get back into things, I’m just going to let my mind heal itself and let things happen.  Sort of a bit of “Me Time”.  I’m just going to head out and try other things for a bit.  For example, this weekend, Leo and me are heading out to try out a driving course called “Code Zero” which is put on by the Justice Institute.  Essentially, you learn to drive like a Cop!  I’m also going to jump back on my bike, something that I haven’t done in a little while.  Last year, I took a course in Dirt Jumping, and I really want to continue progressing with that.  

Hopefully, my plan is sound, and I’ll have my motivation back in no time.  With COMPUTEX coming up in June, I really need to have my best foot forward.  I’m going to need to be well rested and focused on representing Futurelooks Media Inc. to all the companies that I’m going to meet.  I’m hoping this little time out will get me in the right mindset. I’ll still be blogging, but probably at a more leisurely pace for the next little bit 🙂