Jay Profeit Blog Review

As I mentioned the other day, I just got my first ReviewMe request in quite some time. This likely had much to do with the Half Off Promotion that they are running till the end of the month. This will certainly make the power of a ReviewMe review more accessible to a lot more people. Today, I’d like to thank the sponsor of this post, Jay Profeit, for ordering this review for his self titled blog.

Who is Jay Profeit?

The details are foggy, but it appears that Jay is a Young Rich Kid. Jay’s other site is a forum that talks about things that I guess young rich kids talk about these days. I would have liked to have known more about Jay from his sites, but I guess this is one of his motivations for creating a blog; so he can tell people about himself and who he is.

I looked at my ReviewMe request for more information and found this little blurb about himself…

A brand new blog of a young entrepreneur trying to make it in the business world. Along with insight into his own life he gives out tips that he learns while working his way through the business world, on how to improve your website, advertising, affiliate programs and many other things.

That’s a lot of responsibility for a young entrpreneur to take on, but I applaud his enthusiasm and his initiative. Getting a ReviewMe review done is definitely a smart move, especially at 50% off.

My Impressions

My first impression of Jay’s blog wasn’t as positive as I would have hoped. In fact, when I went over to preview it and make notes, it was still in the process of being cleaned up and customized. The blog is so new that the shrink wrap is literally still on it and the posts only go back a few days. I also noticed some items in the footer and in the sidebar that were clearly remnants of a template that was still being applied and populated with content. In fact, the description still reads “Not Just another WordPress blog!”

Since my initial visit, it seems that most of the generic areas have been filled with a bit more of his own content. In fact, he’s already started working on static pages which cover topics like “Comedy Reviews“, “Interesting Facts“, “Contests” and “5 Deals“. It seems that he’s already picked up on the fact that contests work very well for generating blog traffic, and he’s already got his hands in some afilliate marketing deals.

The other item that diverted my attention, in a bad way unfortunately, was the fact that the header of his blog had some issues displaying in Internet Explorer.

In Internet Explorer, Jay’s Blog Looks a little funny…
Jay Profeit’s Blog in Internet Explorer

This is what Jay Profeit’s Blog looks like in FireFox
Jay Profeit’s Blog in FireFox

Although the cooler kids are using FireFox these days, we can’t deny the overwhelming number of Internet Explorer users out there so the template really needs to include rather than exclude. Afterall, we always want more readers, not fewer.

Other things that I’ve noticed is his eagerness to monetize his blog with Google Adsense. I think that it is a little premature to be monetizing a blog with only a few posts, especially since the posts themselves actually have less content than the ads. The adsense integration is also quite poor, making the ads annoying, rather than more complementary to the user experience.

My Thoughts and Suggestions

I applaud Jay’s enthusiasm. I have no doubt that he will be a success someday and “Profeit” from his ventures, however, he needs to slow down and focus on the direction of his blog. It’s going in way too many directions.

First off, although getting a ReviewMe Review done can bring in a lot of extra visitors, I don’t think his blog is ready to be trafficked in its current condition. Much of the original template still lingers, and the content is still unfinished. Without much in the way of content, it really doesn’t give people much incentive to stay, or for that matter, come back. In fact, the Google Adsense ads have clearly pulled attention away from what little content he does have making it look like one of those Adsense Landing Pages. I’m also not finding much “Jay Profeit” from the “Jay Profeit Blog”. There’s nothing personal that defines who Jay Profeit is on this space. I think that this review has more about Jay Profeit than his whole blog, and that’s just not right.

Before the ads, the affiliate programs, the contests, Jay has to go back and work on his content. It’s the content that keeps people coming back. I’ve never known anyone to come back to check out the latest Google Adsense Ad or Affiliate Link. So remove all that stuff, and finish off things like your “About Me” page, your “Description” blurb, and start blogging about Jay Profeit. What does he do? Where does he go to school? What are his goals for his blog and his sites? There are three free ideas for some meaty posts right there. First and foremost, Jay Profeit’s Blog should be about Jay Profeit. Though it is interesting to see that Apples are more effective at keeping people awake in the morning than Coffee, what does that have to do with Jay Profeit?

I wish Jay success and that he uses at least a few of my suggestions to help build up a stockpile of great content. He did pay for this review so he might as well get something out of it. Once the content is there, and you’ve got a good base of regular readers, then start introducing those programs that can make you a few dollars. Hopefully, when I visit his blog in a month, i’ll be able to read his posts and finally find out who Jay Profeit really is.