Here Come the Injuries…

After my accident it seemed that I’d be OK.  That’s what I was hoping.  I hate having to put my life on hold because of injuries.  Even the day after, it was difficult to tell if there was anything broken with me.  Well, today, and especially after driving back and forth from downtown, I now know where it hurts.  My neck is so screwed up right now.  I guess after two other car accidents where I was not at fault, your body just gets weakened.  I’m also a lot older now so any injuries I do have take longer to heal.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that when I take a deep breath, my kneck cracks.  That wasn’t there before.  My back feels like someones been kicking me.  Although I don’t feel pain per se, I’m definitley sore now and I’m just tired easily from holding up my neck or sitting for too long.  This is really annoying. 

Hopefully my Chiropractor can fix me up.  I did see my doctor this week, but it was before things started to get noticeable.  I have to see him again in three weeks to follow up so I’ll just keep a journal so I can report how things have progressed.