Favourite Me for One More Week For Charity

As part of my Dot Com Mogul Checklist this month, I set out to raise $100 for charity and help a bunch of Dot Com Mogul Wannabes by giving them the opportunity to give to charity and knock Number Eight off the Dot Com Mogul Checklist as well.  I also wanted to solidify my position on Technorati after being unbanned.

Although we only raised a total of $24, I’d like to thank those Dot Com Mogul Wannabes that stepped up by Favouriting Me with a free backlink to their blogs:

Since $24 is a pretty sad amount smaller than our target, and I hate missing a target, this is what we’re going to do. 


In order to reach $100, I’m going to extend the draw for the mouse above, a Microsoft Comfort Mouse 3000 courtesy of Futurelooks, till April 10th, so you’ve got until then to favourite me so I can favourite you for charity.  It’s a great mouse.  Just ask our Top Comment Whore for February. 

As an added incentive, if you make mention of this contest on your blog, I’ll give you that backlink that you missed out on for not being one of the first twenty four keeners.  Yes, the first twenty four keeners can double dip.  So get to it!  Earn a backlink, give to charity, and have me favourite you by Favouriting Me.