Drunken Pipi Shrimp With Table Side Service in Mexico

During my recent trip to Mexico, I made a stop in the uber touristy area of Playa Del Carmen where we were lured into a restaurant with the promise of two for one beers. The beers were reasonably cheap (20 pesos a bottle so about 2 bucks) but the food really wasn’t that cheap at all. However, one of the dishes did come with a little bit of a show.

Kelly ordered the pipi (sp?) shrimp (which look like prawns to me). At 190 pesos, it was certainly on the pricey side, but it did come with table side service. At least I got a video to post out of it.

The video was shot on a Flip Mino HD and edited in iMovie 08 on my MacBook Pro. It stayed at home while I enjoyed a fully unplugged week.


There are far cheaper places to eat in Playa Del Carmen if you just go for a short walk, but everyone was hungry at the time. The restaurant got us again when Kelly’s brother, Shaun, ordered a “Happy Song” from the Mariachi band, not knowing that they don’t sing for free. It was rather funny watching the band give him the glare as he handed them a whole dollar…and then quickly tried to rummage for another one. He’s not the cheap chicken wing guy for nothing.