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Drunken Pipi Shrimp With Table Side Service in Mexico

During my recent trip to Mexico, I made a stop in the uber touristy area of Playa Del Carmen where we were lured into a restaurant with the promise of two for one beers. The beers were reasonably cheap (20 pesos a bottle so about […]

Hola and Happy New Year Everyone!

Well, 2009 is finally here and so far so good. Despite some crazy snowfall action, the New Year was rung in quietly with vodka, a ton of food, and some time in front of the very rarely played Nintendo Wii. Now that the holidays are […]

I Made It To SeaTac Airport in a Frickin' Blizzard

I'll let the video do the talking... The video was done using the built in FlipShare video app on the Flip Mino HD which I will be thoroughly thrashing in Mexico. The software isn't bad and allows you to do quicky and dirty edits and […]