Dot Com Pho After Hours – The Fender Bender Edition

Although there were no car accidents, yours truly did go on a food bender and scarfed down a breakfast that the owner of Fenders Restaurant thought could take me down. He said that men larger than I could not finish the meal he recommended. He was sorely mistaken and was surprised and humbled when he came back to see that ALL the food was gone. Just like everyone was sorely mistaken about me not being able to take down the infamous Kam Do Mixed Grill. When it comes to food, don’t bet me unless you want to lose 😉

This week was a smaller turn out but we still managed to turn out seven minutes of Dot Com Pho After Hours entertainment that we know you will enjoy. Leo Chiang is on deck to talk about his exploits as a SciFi star, Ed Lau talks about my food exploits, and I do what I do best: Eat. Michael Kwan also makes an appearance in Kwan’s Korner (or is it “Kworner”?) with another exciting gadget that will change your life.

You might be wondering where John Chow is? Well, he’s still stuck in China awaiting trial for crimes against the national animal: The Noble Panda. If you’re from the PETA, you might also want to check out his lobster disrespecting video. Yes, he did it again. He’s a repeat offender and he will offend again!

See you all next week! 😉