Dot Com Pho After Hours Heads to Cloverdale

Sometimes we end up in the middle of nowhere by accident and sometimes on purpose. Whether it’s because you had a flat tire, or run out of gas, we always end up there sooner or later. Yesterday, we ended up there (as in nowhere) for another thrilling Dot Com Pho After Hours adventure!

This week, nowhere had a name and it was Cloverdale, which is sometimes the backdrop to popular TV shows like Smallville and Supernatural. I guess if they screw up and blow up the town by accident, it’s not such a big deal. It’s also close to where our Pho Phriends Gary Jones and Rainer Schmoll live. Since they often come out to Pho in Vancouver, enduring the long drive, it was only honorable that we come out and do an episode there at least once…and we could never do this with John Chow around as it would violate his five minute rule. Five minutes as in how long it would take him to drive from his house.

I thought I was alone till Ed Lau showed up…late as usual. But I have to give him props for showing. I did page Leo Chiang, but he said he was…umm…working. I think that was his code for “Fracking a Six” as he is, after all, our friendly neighborhood “Raptor Wrangler” on Battlestar Galactica. I’m sure being on the last episode got him some “play”. This week is also the episode where Michael Kwan returns in another thrilling “Kwan’s Korner” segment. Enjoy!

I think this is all the adventure I can take for a while. This weekend, we’re coming back to Vancouver and I feel like hitting a greasy diner. Any suggestions?