DELL Days of Deals is Back for Canadians

DELL Days of Deals are Back!

Have you been drooling over that DELL 24 Inch LCD all year, but didn’t want to spend $849 on it?  Well, What if you could grab it for $649 today? No, this is not a TYPO like last time.

DELL has just fired up their Days of Deals again tempting Canadians with big monitors and other goodies for cheap.  I bought a 24 inch last year and I never regretted the purchase….till I got the VISA bill of course.  They are also offering free shipping on it! Must…resist…buying another! 

Like all DELL Days of Deals, once the day is over, that particular deal is too, but a new one will replace it the next day.  If they bring back that 30 inch Widescreen Monitor  at a good price, I might have to bite this time. In my experience, the only time to buy anything from DELL is during these deals. They put out some really crazy prices sometimes, especially on monitors. If you think about it, that’s a great advertising move for DELL too! If your PC Tower is under your desk, what’s the first thing people see at the desk? The monitor of course and the big DELL on the back and on the front. That’s kind of EVIL isn’t it?

You can have a look at the monitor and the rest of today deals right here.