John Chow DOT COM – Where Evil Begins!

Welcome to another ReviewMe (aff) Review!  This review has been sponsored by The Root of All Evil…

This review, ironically, started on an evil note.  John Chow actually ordered this review under the condition that I order a review from him too while the Half Off Promo was going on.  John did a review of MegaTechNews and the results have been very positive, proving that ReviewMe works. 

The evilness comes from the fact that he was going to take advantage of the referral program and refer HIMSELF! Since a review on my blog was going for $30 during the promotion, and the referral program pays out $25, he’d wind up with a review on my blog for $5! Whether this will work or not, we still don’t know.  What’s even more evil is that when he ordered up the review, he stipulated that I had to make sure that I portray how truly evil he was.  Evil!

Unleashing Evil!

I have a confession to make.  I opened the box that unleashed evil.  When John first started his blog, it was nowhere as popular as it is today.  It all started when I thought it’d be funny to DIGG his post on the Lexus LS460. Sure enough, it got Dugg and the rest is history.  John’s evil infiltrated Digg quite quickly, and finally, the Diggers decided to drive a stake into his heart and banned him.  Unfortunately, it was too late and it takes more than DIGG to bury evil!

What Makes John Chow Evil?

The question is…where do I begin?  Do I start with him starting Rock Fights in China with Baby Pandas?  Do I explore how he drove Terry Driver into becoming the Abbotsford Serial Killer?  How about how he likes to show helpless Lobsters their entrails as he eats them alive? There’s obviously a lot that makes John Chow evil, but the signature moment came when he talked about “Trading Dollars for Hours“. 

Money is a very touchy subject for many people, and how people accumulate it has some very deep rooted feelings.  John’s no holds barred post made one reader so angry that he felt it necessary to post this comment:

It’s horrendous that someone can be so brazenly arrogant and so disturbingly out of touch with reality. After reading that article, I honestly, and with every fiber of my hour-selling being, hope you choke on your own blood.

Unfortunately, if evil is not your thing, you should really stay clear of John’s postings.  His brand of writing is truly unfiltered, and very upfront.  If you can’t handle the truth, you won’t be able to handle John Chow.  This doesn’t exactly make him evil, but it turns him into a “Love him or Hate Him” guy. However, kicking a scooter over and stomping on it in Taiwan does!

Evil Breeds Evil

Evil inevitably breeds more evil. The best example I’ve seen is a post by Career Ramblings reviewing John’s Blog for a link back.  The post alleges that John Chow is a Humanitarian. John Chow’s a humanitarian?  That’s like nominating Darth Vader for Big Brother of the year! Remember when Master Anakin killed the kids? 

The post has all of the John Chow signature EVIL traits.  The post has a controversial subject that is perfect for linkbait, and as a result, builds a ton of traffic.  Evil breeding Evil.  Speaking of breeding evil, both of John’s Daughters, Sally and Ashley, both have blogs ensuring generations of evil to come. I’m surprised that John hasn’t monetized both their blogs, but it is in the nature of evil to resist authority!

What Can You Learn From Evil?

If you’re willing to cross over to the darkside, John Chow can teach you a lot about monetizing your websites.  One of the most popular categories on his blog is the Making Money From A Blog area. He shares a lot of EVIL tips about generating traffic and monetizing it.  However, sometimes his tips get you banned from Technorati. In fact, he’s still banned.  His Evil Plan to ping Technorati with over 17,000 links backfired on him, and in the process, got a few blogs that he’s linked to banned including me! Evil always takes on Collateral Damage! For lighter reading, you can check out his Fine Dining adventures and find out where the coolest spots to feast are.

So whether you love him, hate him, think he should choke on his own blood, or is a humanitarian, there is never a dull moment at John Chow DOT COM!