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What's Up Stephen? - Lazy Edition

I guess it's been a few days since I've given you guys a real post. Where to begin... Thanks For Entering My Contest! I'd like to thank everyone that participated in my contest to win an iPod nano and of course everyone's favourite cybernetic plant, […]

What 10,500,000 Firecrackers Look Like...

Imagine all the Firecrackers you've ever lit in your whole life, gathered in one place, for one giant light off. Although spectacular, it still wouldn't be enough to equal this display of Firecracking superiority... I think a rainforest somewhere just turned to desert and a […]

Another Chinese Propaganda Video...

With the upcoming Olympics in Beijing this August 2008, or 08/08/08 for all you lucky Chinese out there, China has sent a series of viral videos to YouTube to discredit the athletic ability of the visiting countries. This latest video that was shot somewhere in […]

Another Flipping Edition of Dot Com Pho

Man, there was so much footage at today's Dot Com Pho! Part of the job of editing is to be able to keep what is important and what isn't. With only a 10 minute window via YouTube, this task was made all the more difficult. […]

Gravity Defying Pole Dancer

If you're a red blooded male, then you have to admit that pole dancing is one of those things that you can't die without witnessing. Despite the obvious erotic benefits, pole dancing also requires that the dancer have a great amount of skill and not […]

Stephen Fung DOT NET Gets a Makeover!

I've pretty much been using the same theme since my very first post on this blog. Although it was, and still is, one of the most advanced themes for WordPress, its design was definitely starting to become dated. Also, as time passed, I found it […]

So You Want a Ride in a Helicopter?

Definitely! That looks like fun...NOT!

Something VOIP Users Should Be Aware Of...

VOIP services have been infiltrating the home telephone market for quite some time now and the number of users are growing. The excellent voice quality and most importantly the low price along with an impressive list of services makes it a no brainer for most […]

Spring Cleaning

After a year, the office needed a serious cleaning so I went to work choking on dust bunnies and finding places for everything. It really has been a full year since I had really done a good reorganization and after digging for parts for my […]