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Dot Com Pho – The Insult [Ed] Edition…

The move out of Richmond has been a great success, attracting people who might otherwise not come to Dot Com Pho at all. For example, even the elusive Jeff Kee came out this week and we’ve had interest from “The Buzz” himself to attend, thanks […]

If Matt Dances then What Does Matt’s Girlfriend Do?

We all know that Ed Lau likes beautiful girls. But apparenlty, he likes dancing with dudes too. I’ve never seen Ed Lau so excited to dance with another guy. But apparently, that’s what floats his boat and his boat was floated when Matt Harding came […]

This Week’s Dot Com Pho Location Revealed!

It’s time to move Dot Com Pho out of Richmond. This week, we’re not only changing the geographical location, but we’re changing the venue. We’re going to be heading to the Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant in Vancouver for some Dot Com Dim Sum. We’ll be […]

What’s Up Stephen? – Lazy Edition

I guess it’s been a few days since I’ve given you guys a real post. Where to begin… Thanks For Entering My Contest! I’d like to thank everyone that participated in my contest to win an iPod nano and of course everyone’s favourite cybernetic plant, […]

What 10,500,000 Firecrackers Look Like…

Imagine all the Firecrackers you’ve ever lit in your whole life, gathered in one place, for one giant light off. Although spectacular, it still wouldn’t be enough to equal this display of Firecracking superiority… I think a rainforest somewhere just turned to desert and a […]

Another Chinese Propaganda Video…

With the upcoming Olympics in Beijing this August 2008, or 08/08/08 for all you lucky Chinese out there, China has sent a series of viral videos to YouTube to discredit the athletic ability of the visiting countries. This latest video that was shot somewhere in […]