Beyond the Rhetoric There is Michael Kwan

It’s time for another fun filled and exciting ReviewMe (aff) Review!  This episode is brought to you by the runner up of Stephen Fung’s Top Comment Whore Contest, our very own, Michael Kwan.

Michael is best known as an equal opportunity comment whore, lighting up Top Commentator listings on several blogs. Michael was also one of my chosen ReviewMe Virgins where I popped his cherry by asking him to review my new tech blog, MegaTechNews.  When he’s not whoring, Michael is a freelance writer that has recently made a deal with the Root of All Evil to spread even more evil.  When not whoring for evil, he also writes for publications such as Mobile Magazine, and his own blog, Beyond The Rhetoric, which will be the subject of our ReviewMe review today.

The Evolving Rhetoric

Beyond the Rhetoric wasn’t always on the industry standard WordPress that is the choice of Dot Com Moguls.  When Michael started off, he was using some weird, free, GoDaddy thing that didn’t give him the flexibility to start whoring his site out.  Since then, he’s made the change and is now ready to be the whore he really is. In fact, he’s both a PayPerPost and a ReviewMe whore!  Does anyone need a UK Credit Card?

Michael has also added numerous WordPress Upgrades to his blog and although it still has the old header graphic that doesn’t seem to fit right (please fix that), it seems to be a work in progress that is starting to come together.  When Michael’s not whoring on other blogs, he’s talking about his bunny. He get his kicks out of drugging his bunny and chasing it around the house which is always good for a few posts.  Michael also blogs the odd movie review and touches on the occasional piece of cool technology.

When Michael is not blogging or whoring, he comes out to Dot Com Pho.  I think it’s going to be Dot Com Dim Sum this week.  Will have to check with the Root of All Evil.

What is there “Beyond The Rhetoric”?

Michael Kwan is a good writer.  No question about it.  In fact, he’s as quick as a bunny as proven by his uber whoring ways.  The posts on his blog are engaging and fun to read, however, he’s kind of painted himself into a bit of a corner seeing as how the line between his business of freelance writing and his personal money whoring blog are blurred. 

My suggestion to Michael is to start the seperation between the two entities and make into his Dot Com Wannabe/Money Making site, and create a second blog, maybe, for his freelance writing business.  His blog is still young enough that he could still make the move right now without disturbing his rankings too much.  However, if he gets entrenched into building his blog up, he might find that the difficulty of seperating the two will increase exponentially as time passes. 

I almost pulled him from my Stephen Fung’s DOT Net Domain is My Name Train because technically, does not take you to his blog.  Furthermore, his blog is called “Beyond the Rhetoric” and not “Michael Kwan – Insert Catchy Slogan Here”. Keeping his blog at an arms length from his business will allow him to make his blog a lot more fun, and allow him to maintain a higher level of professionalism for his business.  Get it done Michael!  Get it done! 😉