It’s been a few weeks since we’ve heard from AGLOCO. The last time we heard from them was over a month ago back in December where they finally set a deadline for the launch of the AGLOCO viewbar for 7 – 10 weeks. I pretty much forgot all about them until I received their latest email.

In their latest email communication sent yesterday, and hidden within the rest of the propaganda, they said that the viewbar was still a few weeks away. Well, it’s been 4 weeks since the last communication, so based on that, it looks like the viewbar should hit about 3 – 6 weeks from now. Again, if they don’t deliver, they might as well just forget it.

Instead of elaborating on the all important status of the viewbar, they had fluffy bits of info:

Over 30,000 of you have already recruited a least one new Member to AGLOCO (and some of you have recruited referral networks of more than 10,000).

This recruiting effort has been going on around the globe. Google results for “AGLOCO” now include many different languages (75,000 pages in Chinese – even 150 pages in Lithuanian).

That’s just dandy folks, but really, we’re more interested in the viewbar. However, impressive these numbers are, relatively speaking, they don’t really show true growth. What are the numbers relative to? Is the monthly sign up trend going up or down as a whole? But alas, people are drawn by big numbers so I’m sure the marketability of this information has served its purpose.

I find it amusing that amidst my skeptical take on the whole AGLOCO situation, they still have me in the top 2.92% of the top referrers. I guess I have some go getters signed up that just want to take a chance and just run with it. Others are probably sitting on the fence till the viewbar launches while some just don’t give a rats ass.

Three to six weeks left AGLOCO. Let’s see if you’re bluffing!