AGLOCO Viewbar Still 7 – 10 Weeks Away

If you got the AGLOCO newsletter, you probably also got the bad news that the viewbar has been delayed for another 7 – 10 weeks. Though AGLOCO never really officially said when the viewbar would launch, 7 – 10 weeks is a pretty long time. One thing that AllAdvantage did right was at least launch with a viewbar. If AGLOCO doesn’t deliver on their promise in 7 – 10 weeks, it will severely undermine the trust built. If they launch it without working out all the bugs, that too will undermine the trust of the AGLOCO community. I would have to believe that the Viewbar is actually fully functional now, and this 7 – 10 week waiting period is just a buffer.

In the meantime, AGLOCO has asked members to sign up 5 more new members in the next 30 days so that they can reach their goal of 10,000,000 members by May (Or is it July 1st, 2007?). In order to help help socially inept community members, they have even composed a form letter that you can use:

I am a member of AGLOCO. It has a goal of reaching 10,000,000 Members by July 1st.

Here is why I would like you to consider joining:

1. AGLOCO pays you, as an Internet user, your fair share of the value created while you surf.
2. The AGLOCO’s free software puts you in control of what arrives on your screen and what data you allow outsiders to collect.
3. AGLOCO is a 100% Member owned company which rewards the Members who help build the company. It never costs anything to be a Member

AGLOCO is only four weeks old and it has already signed up tens of thousands of Members and has created enormous Internet ‘buzz’ (over 700,000 pages in Google’s search talk about AGLOCO).

AGLOCO is not a ‘get rich’ quick scheme. Every additional Member raises the value of all the Members, so we all get more if you join

It is free to join and Membership never costs anything. Click here to read more and sign up now.

It’s kind of funny, but my AGLOCO percentage of top 3.76% of users jumped to 3.65% of all users shortly after this email went out. Either I got a whole bunch of new referrals (I counted maybe 5 more), or a bunch of Idiot Spammers tried to use the form letter to cover a lot of ground. They probably had their accounts canceled and screwed everyone around them. As I wrote earlier, AGLOCO is pretty darn serious about the whole SPAM thing. So serious that their Chief Privacy Officer personally took care of my problem.

I’m getting pretty tired of waiting for this thing to launch. If this was an investment, it would not only be a high risk investment from all indicators, but it would be totally speculative whether or not there would be any returns at all. In a good investment, the management team should always disclose crucial information such as projected launch dates (a few weeks doesn’t cut it). We’re supposed to be the owners of the company right? I’m going to need a bit more information and I’d like dates not ranges.

If I was really an owner, AGLOCO would provide true member numbers to let the membership know how the company was doing even if the company hasn’t earned a dime. Though knowing how the money is being spent currently would be nice. Often the way the management team spends the investor’s money and their willingness to take a bit of sacrifice is a good indicator of the strength of the team too. With additional information, not only would I know how far we would have come, but I would know how far we would need to go to meet those targets. The newsletter was quite vague saying that the program has signed up tens of thousands of members already. I hope they see this as an opportunity to engage their “Owners”. An owner that feels out of the loops withdraws their investment and leaves.

Although some would argue that it doesn’t cost you anything to participate, what about your time? You didn’t spend time telling friends about it? Blogging about it? Sending out emails to people you know about it? I think someone even made a recruitment video! Time is the most precious of all commodities and if this thing is a flop, you will never get that back.

I totally wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to sign up. AGLOCO, you’ve got another 7 – 10 weeks. Don’t let your owners down!