YOGA: Not BooBoo’s Big Furry Friend…

So yesterday, I got dragged out to YOGA. Yes, YOGA.

I mentioned a little while ago that there was a YOGA shop opening up in Port Moody. At the time, I thought it was just some store selling tight fitting and appealing (On the RIGHT ASS! If you have to squeeze in, that’s wrong enough!) YOGA wear. Well, apparently, it’s not a store at all. It’s actually a YOGA studio called Newport Yoga.

Even though the studio wasn’t done till after Christmas, I was a little disappointed that they didn’t just open up the front of the studio during the construction phase and sell gift certificates, memberships, and offer “YOGA” tea to prospective clients, especially since the front area was isolated from the studio area. They could have at least handed out brochures and information to get the public excited. They had a prime store front to do that, plus money would be going through the till and your marketing would have begun even before the business opened. You’d be turning a profit without being open! Man, I should charge for this stuff 😛

The session I took was called “YOGA for Athletes” which was a mixture of three different types of YOGA. My class was filled with mainly women. I was one of three guys. There was one guy that had the full on Lululemon YOGA outfit. That’s just wrong. Guys should not be wearing that stuff unless you are part of the “Fab Five”. The other guy in the class was doing YOGA in his Jeans. He had to take his belt off because his belt buckle was too big. Then there was me. If you’re a single guy, go join YOGA. Except for a couple cougars in the back row, you are in VERY GOOD company. You will thank me later 😉

I would rate my very first YOGA session last night as a educational and rewarding experience. I rather enjoyed myself. Even though I haven’t been doing a whole lot of exercise except for my Wii Sports sessions, I was still noticeably more flexible than LuLuMan and JeansDude. Apparently, there is proof now that WiiSports can help you lose weight. I guess that’s the reason why the scale didn’t break over the holidays.

During the first five minutes, I let off a huge knee pop that reverberated around the room. I was so embarrassed. Apparently that screws up the “Chakra” of the others and is frowned upon. The girl beside me just giggled, but I think that was to make her feel better because as the session continued, she wouldn’t stop popping. The instructor made a comment about milk and rice crispies that prompted a chuckle by the class. Speaking of the instructor, I was totally expecting her to be some fluffy “Your mind is like a river. Open your arms and embrace the wholeness” bullshitter. Instead, she was pretty down to earth. That I liked. I don’t do fluffy.

Would I do YOGA again? Probably. I think I tried a bit too hard in some of the movements because I’m feeling pretty sore today. I’ll probably try one of the more “Stretchy” sessions next time.