Witnessing Canada’s First Gold Medal On Home Soil Awarded

We didn’t have Gold Medal Hockey Tickets. Heck, we didn’t even have Gold Medal Curling Tickets. What we did have were a couple of cheap seat tickets to an Olympic Victory Ceremony at BC Place during Quebec Night that featured some guy named Gregory Charles as the musical act. However, the tickets became golden when Alexandre Bilodeau won the Gold Medal in the Men’s Moguls competition this past Sunday at Cypress Mountain.

Although Kelly and I were sitting in the last row inside BC Place, it didn’t ruin our experience as the energy inside the dome was overwhelming. Luckily, I was packing the telephoto lens and was able to snap a few useable pics.

Before the medals were given out, we were treated by performances by some of Quebec’s artists. Although I couldn’t understand a word they were saying, they were very energetic and parts of the crowd that did understand French were happily singing along.

We were also treated to some acrobatics by one of Quebec’s acrobatic troops. Can’t remember what they were called but they were quite good. After the performances, it was time to give out some hardware!

Kelly and I witnessed history as Canada was awarded its first Gold Medal on home soil. Our humble little $22 buck tickets became some of the hottest seats of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and it was a night to remember as Alexandre Bilodeau had the country on their feet as the golden medallion was presented to him. With glowing hearts, we saw the “Zero Gold Medal Streak” end as the country finally got it’s first golden one at an Olympics hosted by Canada.

Rounding out the podium was of course the infamous Dale Begg-Smith, who defected to Australia to pursue a controversial Internet business based around SPAMMING people and installing Malware on their machines (allegedly). He won the Silver.

Bryon Wilson of the US took home the Bronze. Of course in US Style, he made the most noise of all of the winners on the podium.

When Alexandre Bilodeau took the podium, the roof nearly blew off BC Place as a whole nation erupted in celebration. A 34 year “no gold on home soil” streak was finally broken.

After the hardware was given out, Gregory Charles took the stage. I had no clue who this guy was till Buzz Bishop tweeted back and said that he was a former host of CBC2. Since I don’t watch (listen?) to CBC2, it didn’t really help. I guess I wasn’t the only one that didn’t know who he was as everyone just started leaving before he even got to his first song. However, I’m glad that it wasn’t Celine Dion. Anything but Celine Dion!

We’ve got tickets to this Friday’s Victory Ceremony as well featuring Theory of a Deadman. Hopefully Canada takes home some golden hardware so we can have something extra special to celebrate. Our athletes have been doing awesome and I’m sure that there will be some gold to celebrate this Friday. Enjoy the pictures!