When I Ask You To Come to a Press Thing…

You say yes of course and show up!

Gifts that click 2006 booty haul

Harold and I went down to see Microsoft during their “Gifts that Click Tour”. This tour gives Microsoft the chance to sit down one on one with local media and talk about the latest upcoming products. We had to sign a Non Disclosure for some products, but what I can tell you is that Windows VISTA is going to be awesome as far as the inclusion of Media Center goes. I’m not sure, but it looks like DirectX 10 will give gaming the needed kick in the pants for the PC on Vista as well. They were touting 5 – 6 time performance increase, but I’ll believe it when I can prove it. More on this as I finish off my coverage of it and post it at Futurelooks later this week.

Tomorrow I get to visit Bardel Studios, an Xbox 360 game production house. Leo was smart and was the first to respond to the “Who wants to go?” Hopefully, we get some cool stuff like we did today. A $129 Webcam, MS Encarta, and a real wood old school game set wasn’t a bad take at all. Plus we got free coffee and food.