Week Seven of Free Stuff at Futurelooks!

When it comes to contests, the only thing that is worth anything at the end of the day is a product you can hold in your hand and tell people about. For Eight Crazy Weeks, I’ve been helping to give away some pretty darn cool products.  Some of them, like the computer cases, are too large to hold in your hands which is OK because everyone loves getting a huge honking box in the mail.  Well, let the giving continue!

Futurelooks has just launched Week Seven of Eight Crazy Weeks of Giveaways.  This week up for grabs is an LG DVD Player, X-Arcade Retro Gaming Trackball Controller, and a copy of Lord of the Rings Trilogy Special Edition on DVD. Any one of these prizes would be perfect for regifting to someone you love…not that you would do that.  Don’t forget to enter the BONUS DRAW as well too.  For more information on how to win this week, you can check out the Official Week Seven Contest Page.