Time To Giveaway The Samsung 20 Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor and 4GB MP3 Player!

This week marks the final episode of Futurelooks Eight Crazy Weeks of Giveaways. Backed up by Samsung Canada, Futurelooks will be giving away a Samsung 206BW 20 Inch LCD Monitor and a Samsung YP-K5 4GB MP3 Audio Player.  The Samsung monitor won Futurelooks’ Editors’ Choice Award and is highly prized by its many owners for its great looks and excellent picture quality.  The YP-K5 has a really cool trick if you check out the Final Week Contest Page. Don’t worry, the player we are giving away is NOT the same one in the video.  It’s also one of few MP3 players out on the market that has built in stereo speakers while being no bigger than a small cellphone.  It also don’t sound half bad for pint sized speakers.

Because it is the final segment of the eight week contest, we’ve extended the entry date till December 16th, 2007.  To get entered to win, go check out the Final Week Contest Page.