Dining Out With VIA and S3…Fusion Style!

Roy's at E3

VIA and S3 took me out for a fabulous night of drinks and food at the famous Roy’s Fusion Cuisine Restaurant in LA. VIA manufacturers computer hardware chipsets for both mobile and desktop application (i.e. Motherboard, Audio, and Mobile Chipsets) and S3 manufactures graphics chipsets for similar applications. The “FUSION” of these two companies ended up in the launch their new CHROME graphics technologies, a new product they were talking about at E3.

The Food…

After some pseudo-manly drinks nested in the sea of girlie “Chi-Chi’s” and “Pina Colada’s” it was time to eat! But not before I had a healthy dose of a Triple Zombie to get the juices flowing. The waittress had never heard of a triple zombie. I had never heard of a triple zombie. The report from the bar was “Oh My God! Who is ordering this? He must want to die!” Let’s just say, take a lot of different alcohol in this recipe, and triple it. Look it up. You’ll be surprised I wasn’t dead. I was breathing fire for most of the night.

The first course was the Roy’s Nightly Dim Sum Canoe. This Canoe had nothing Dim Sum about it. I don’t see no Har Gow or Siu Mai. Like the what the hell? The only Asian thing about it was the potstickers and the edaname, but the last time I checked, edaname was Japanese! Nonetheless, it was good. I ate as much as I could.

Roy's Nightly Dim Sum Appetizer Canoe

The next course was the “Island Fresh” Boston Bibb Salad. I don’t think Boston is an Island, so how fresh could that be? Anyway, the salad was fused with candied pecans, herb infused white balsamic vinagrette and some lettuce. I guess if you infuse the vinagrette, you can call it fusion. It was good though, but the bowl was a little crooked. It must be a Roy’s Thing because a few of the dishes were a little, off.

Boston Bibb Salad

For my main course, I had the Roy’s Macadamia Nut Crusted Hawaiian Mahi Mahi with a Lobster Bisque Sauce. It was pretty good, but the Mahi tasted a little dry on its own. However, the bisque helped with the moisture level. Slapped a little bisque on the Mahi, and it was good to go. The Riessling that I had with the Mahi was a good match for the fish. Of course, that may have been the Triple Zombie Talking…

Mahi Mahi Dish...

Finally, for dessert, was the Roy’s Dessert Sampler Plate. Now, this dessert had no fusion as every piece of the sampler was a nation itself. The only fusion, happens on the way down to your stomach.

Roy's Dessert Sampler Plate

Overall, the night was a great night! I lived to tell about my Triple Zombie, my breath is no longer on fire, and I feel no urge to chunder. Oh, and the food was alright too. Not to WEST standards, but nonetheless an interesting spread for the palate.

Thanks VIA and S3 for the wonderful evening and thank you Pat for being such a great hostess. See you folks in Taiwan for COMPUTEX!