Tree VS. Snow: Snow Wins…

So last night was another freak snowstorm in the normally mild Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Judging by the accumulation on the top of my car, we got about 10 inches of snow.

Tiiiiimber!  Snow Wins!

There was so much snow, it weighted down a tree in my parking lot enough to snap a huge branch off of it. Luckily, the branch landed safely, but two of the cars will not be going anywhere anytime soon. No one has done anything about it yet. Luckily, my car was on the other side of the tree and there is enough room to just back straight out of the driveway that comes into the lot. It’s great to have a good set of snow tires when mother nature decides to be a bitch.

Weather report says it’s going to warm up, so all this snow will turn into even more slippery slush. But unfortunately, the weather report said rain yesterday, and at the last minute, turned back into a snowfall warning. I guess we’ll find out what we’ll get when the time comes.