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Dot Com Pho – The Just Pho Phun Edition

The only thing that is dead is Elvis because Dot Com Pho is more alive than ever! This week we hit Cuu Long Vietnamese Restaurant in Vancouver at the suggestion of Greg Morgan. Unfortunately, Greg decided to take off to the Pemberton Festival so that […]

Tomorrow’s Secret Dot Com Pho Location – Cuu Long Restaurant

After a WonderPho Experience at Cambie (Vancouver) Vietnamese Restaurant, the Dot Com Crew moves on to a new location in Vancouver. If you missed out on the drama, much controversy has swirled around the mass exodus to Vancouver from Richmond. John Chow calls this a […]

Dot Com Pho – The Some Kind of WonderPho Edition

We had a great time at Dot Com Pho today at our location this week, Cambie (Vancouver) Vietnamese Restaurant. It was great to see so much support from everyone about the location change from Richmond to Vancouver even though a lot of you are out […]

Tomorrow’s Secret Pho Location – Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant

Yes we shall, and it shall be done! Dot Com Pho is no longer a prisoner to Ricmond! We heard the cries of the people and we’re now giving you a Pho that is closer to transit and more centrally located. No longer will you have […]

The Microsoft Zune Party Train Takes a Spill in Vancouver

Yesterday, the Dot Com Pho Crew went out to toast the launch of the Microsoft Zune in Canada. The head of the launch took place in Vancouver and will travel across the country to five other locations including Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto and Halifax. Unfortunately, […]

Up To The Task of Tasting Food? You Bet!

As evident by my many food posts, I have a love affair with food. I love cooking it, I love cutting it, but most importantly, I love eating it! When Brice said that he needed help tasting a food, he called the right man! Where […]