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Completely Random Things – Presidential Election 08 Edition

So today is the day that Americans decide whether Obama wins or McCain wins. Although much of the planet is already pulling for some “Barack and Roll” in the White House, it seems that there are some rather interesting opinions about the World Favourite in […]

Heavy Lifting For A Cause…

A little while ago, I did an Olympic Weight Lifting Clinic coached by Kelly and had a good time chucking weights around in the gym and nearly whacking myself with them. Although this isn’t a sport for everyone, it is something that is recognized by […]

Cleaning and Jerking in Vancouver – The Video

Set to the soothing sounds of Kanye West’s “Stronger”, this video highlighs the cleaning and jerkng activities of the Vancouver Clean and Jerk Clinic hosted by Kelly Frankson at the CrossFit Vancouver gym this past weekend. Enjoy! I think this weekend I’m going to take […]

Dot Com Olympic Weightlifting…

At our last Dot Com Pho – Trans Canada/Telecommuting Edition, we said that we’d get back together this past weekend for a Dot Com Pho again. Unfortunately, the awesome weather has made us all want to get a life. Although John actually did one this […]