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Superstar Makiyo Meets Dot Com Star Stephen Fung

Sorry about the lack of updates.  The day after I landed, I got the flu and have been sick till today.  The severe weather change from baumy and humid 30 degree weather to Sub 20 degree cold must have had an affect on me.  I had a fever, chills, and all the good stuff that goes with a flu so I didn’t have a chance to share with you my airport story…till now!

As I was getting off my transfer flight from Hong Kong to Taipei, I made the decision that economy class was too…economy.  If my sub 2 hr flight was uncomfortable in economy, I couldn’t imagine sitting in the same seat for 12 hrs.  I guess I was a little spoiled from sitting in Business Class during my flight from Taipei to Hong Kong so as soon as I got off, I went straight to the ticket counter to request an upgrade.  They quoted me $150 US and I was happy to pay it so I waited while they processed the transaction and confirmed my seat. Meanwhile, there was some sort of commotion in front of the duty free store.

Makiyo Meets Stephen Fung!

I notice a tall asian girl in a leopard print dress and heels emerging from the excitement with what appeared to be her bodyguard in tow.  She was totally made up and looked like she was heading off to some event.  That’s why I thought the bodyguard was…the bodyguard.  He wasn’t dressed up at all.  I guess the commotion at the store was for them.  When the ticket counter guy came back with my confirmation, I asked him who the girl was, and he said she was some celebrity, but he didn’t know her name. I thanked him for taking care of the upgrade and was on my way to security when I noticed the same girl standing there.  The security guards were all smiles so I knew they knew who she was.


So I start taking off my backpack and flipping my cap around so they can see my face.  After rolling my stuff into the X-ray machine I look up and I’m startled because this girl was looking at me. I do a stealth over the shoulder check to make sure it wasn’t someone behind me and its all clear. She’s looking at me! She has this look on her face like she knows me or something.  Like she’s trying to place me.  Perhaps she recognized me from my minor stint at hand modelling for CORSAIR. Either that or she just thinks I’m HOT 😆

As her man servant collects her things from the X-Ray Machine and she heads through the metal detector, she looks back at me before taking off to the gate.  All I can give her is a goofy “who the hell are you?” smile.  I ask the smiling security guys about her as I grab my things.  They tell me that she’s a Japanese/Taiwanese celebrity called Makiyo.  I asked them if she was famous, and they said she was pretty famous.  Hmm…

When I get into the waiting area, I snag some WiFi and search for her name.  Eventually I come up with the right person.  I had to spell her name like 10 different ways till I got the right spelling.  Sure enough, she’s a singer with albums, a variety show host and product model in both Japan and Taiwan.  Woah… 

Here’s a sample of some of her work on YouTube…

So High Five Boys! Geeks do get girls! Fortunately, she didn’t try to put her hands on me. Otherwise, The Machine would have hunted her down and snapped her in two. I felt really sorry for her man servant.  While she was playing flirty faces with me he was playing pack mule.  Later, I found out that that guy wasn’t a man servant…but her boyfriend…ouch…

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that Taiwanese Female Celebrities would find me attractive. Afterall, my Uncle Felix (Dad’s Bro) dated a famous Taiwanese Singer back in his wilder days, but she chose her career over him and the rest is history. Nice meeting you Makiyo 😀

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