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Merry Holidays From Stephen Fung DOT NET!

I can't believe Xmas is here again! I went for Dim Sum (yes, all the Chinese Places are open) with my parents, then headed over to Kelly's parents place for Xmas Turkey and to help her dad hook up their new KEF/Onkyo home theatre system. My skills make me an automatic favourite with the parents 😉

On my way to their place, it started to dump snow and it looks like it's going to be sticking good, at least for today. The thing about the Lower Mainland of British Columbia is that we can have sudden changes in weather so you could be in a parka in the morning and by afternoon, you can be in a T-shirt and jeans. Traces of the first snowfall we had this season disappeared within a day. But it didn't stop the city from going into lockdown.

I hope everyone got at least one item on their wish list on this Merry Holiday. I'm difficult to shop for because I get a lot of stuff that I would normally get for free, so the challenge for others is to get me stuff I normally wouldn't buy unless it was given to me or that I can't get for free. I normally tell people not to bother so I always get a surprise. This year, one of my favourite gifts was a panini maker, which is something that I can't get for free through my connections, and it isn't something I would normally buy.

Before I gorge myself with shortbread, I'd like to leave you with a few giggles...

Merry Holidays Everyone! See you in line on Boxing Day 😉

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