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Lingerie and Ladies – Life is REALLY Good…

As a man, I have a dream. A dream, that all men, dream. A dream of getting to hang out at the Playboy mansion or being the meat in a female sandwhich. I may get to fulfill 75% of this dream. Earlier this week, I got invited to head up to cover the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival sponsored by LG for Futurelooks. Cue the video…

I will have front row passes to all the events during the opening day as well as press access to the LG Lingerie Show that will be showcasing their new Chocolate phones. But here’s the icing on the cake. I will also be heading up to Whistler on the “Party Bus” that will be taking the Lingerie Models up to the show and back from the show late that same evening. Hmm… Stuck on a bus with Lingerie Models… Do I really deserve this? Do I? 😀

Leo is adamant that I need protection from these Lingerie Models so he is insisting that I bring him along as my personal body guard. He tells me that he knows best and that he’s an expert in these hostile situations where Lingerie Models could potentially throw themselves at me. Oh dear! 😆

I’m hoping that Brian Jessel BMW throws in some Lingerie at their Fashion Gala coming up in May. Last year’s show was good, but now that I’ll be spoiled by Lingerie, I don’t think it will give me the same thrill 😀

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