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I'm Still a Slave to Retail...

October is going to roll in again, and all hell will break loose over here. All the media briefings, tech tours, and other miscellaneous shows will be rolling through town and I'll be at a lot of them then. Then, the companies that want their products reviewed call up and we exchange emails, and we end up with a load of products to review for Xmas, all in perparation for Q4: The Retail Market's Biggest Time of Year!

I've worked in retail for more than half my life, and for the first time in 15 years, after saying goodbye to it in April, I won't see another crazy December, Boxing Day, or that customer that I ask to help ring through that Ruben Studdard Xmas Album who's so self conscious of his choice, he thinks I'm smiling because I'm laughing at his poor choice of music (well, maybe on the inside), or watch a woman cry because she bought a cheap $40 refurbished VCR and it ate her wedding video or fill in the blank to one of many special occasions. However, its influence is still very strong and guides the direction of both Futurelooks and Laptop Lifestyle.

Though I won't be in the front lines making the sales, I'll still be part of the customer decision making process from afar with the content I produce. I guess in the end, I'm still a slave to retail.

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