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Google Tweaking Progress...

So I was working on tweaking some of the Google Adsense ads on the site and came across a tweak that was being used by many sites to increase click through rate. What these sites did was simply take Google Ads and place them in the body of their articles, but not just anywhere though.

The key is to place them to the left of the page so that people see them first and then the content. Because Google Adsense produces ads that are relevant to the surrounding content, it increases the chances of them clicking on the links. We've been running the ads on both Futurelooks and Laptop Lifestyle to the right of the content. Though it produced some very good results, we were not prepared for a doubling of the click through rate! That's right! We just doubled the number of people clicking on the ad pretty much overnight.

The only downside of doing this is that the ads are very IN YOUR FACE. Although I went ahead and changed both sites to this placement, John hesitated taking his main site the same route, but took all his other smaller sites down this route. He too is noticing a doubling of the click through rate, and also sees that even though traffic may go down a little, the revenue cannot be ignored.

The other tweak that I have been trying is moving the search up to the top and putting Google Adlinks below it. This tweak was inspired by AskTheBuilder and hopefully will give me the same results as they have been enjoying.

I'll keep an eye on the ads and hopefully report back in a week with some interesting results.

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