Futurelooks Web 2.0 Under Construction

Well, I think the best way to forgot about starvation, is to occupy yourself with something else. So I’m going to talk about Futurelooks.

Futurelooks Web 2.0 Concept Logo

In the next few weeks, Futurelooks will be working on bringing a more content-centric design to our users. It will incorporate some of the technologies from Web 2.0 (RSS Feeds, CSS Clean Design, user interactive elements). We’re aiming for a November Launch.

Current and past complaints of our site have been clutter and a somewhat non-content-centric layout. The logo above represents the direction that we’re trying to take things. We’ll be much cleaner, we’ll load way faster, and our content will become the focus. The logo is still a concept as we’re not sure if we’re going to stick with it 100% or not. I think there is something that seems missing. I’m thinking it is some sort of decriptive co-logo or element that when you look at it, you know what we’re about. I’m not sure what that could be though. Maybe you’ve got some ideas? We’re hoping that we’re at least on the right track.

In the meantime, we’ll keep pumping out the content and it’ll be business as usual.