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From High Fashion to Fine Dining…

After a night of high couture at the BMW Fashion Gala, it was time to experience some fine dining. I joined John at West Resaturant to sample the best of the best. Voted as the Best Restaurant in Vancouver in 2005, my first REAL fine dining experience was truly awesome. The experience, as recapped by John on his blog was truly worth every penny…a lot of pennies. If my parents found out, I know that they would want to lecture me non stop about spending that kind of money as this is the Chinese Way.

OUCH!  $400 bucks for a meal! Wine Pairings...

There were truffles, foie gras, KOBE style beef: All the things that you would see used on the Food Network! The wine pairings were bang on, and the service was par excellent. The thing that confused me was the “Petit Four” dessert at the end. If it is called petit four, then how come they only gave us each one petit morsel each? Would I not have received the same amount if I had gone solo? I guess we’ll have to ask that question next time!

I will be back again someday, but I think our next stop will be Lumiere, the 2nd best restaurant in Vancouver and home of Rob Feenie, who beat Iron Chef Morimoto in the famous CRAB battle.

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