Fixed: Subscribe to Comments

Yesterday, when I did the upgrade to the latest version of WordPress version 2.1 (Ella), everything seemed OK till I tried to reply to one of the comments. It appeared that the Subscribe to Comments function was screwed up pretty badly by the upgrade. Later this morning, the folks that made that plugin figured out the problem and posted a new version.

I really love this plugin because I always know when there is a comment that I need to reply to on my blog. The plugin automatically emails me whenever a new comment shows up. It works if you’re the person leaving a comment too. Whenever someone replies to a post that you’ve replied to, you’ll get an email with the link and be able to keep up with the comments right away.

If you’re looking for a bit more interactivity and feedback on your blog, this might just be the plugin for you. If you’re already using it, but had to disable it, go ahead and download the new version to fix the problem caused by the latest WordPress revision.