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Dot Com DIY Breakfast in Five Minutes

Depending on who you talk to, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Since I work at home, I’m pretty comfortable in my pyjamas and don’t feel like changing just to get out and grab something to eat in the AM. Not to mention, it really doesn’t take long to create something of your own without heading to Timmys or McRottens.

For breakfast today, I had myself a Tall Americano and a fried egg and ham sandwhich on a toasted sourdough english muffin. And yes, I did it all in five minutes.

The key to this five minute breakfast is timing. You want to get everything done at the same time so you always want to start working on the stuff that takes the longest first so that everything is done at the same time. In this case, the toasting the english muffin and boiling the water take a little while so I start that first. At the same time, I’ve already got my frying pan heating up.

Next, I prep by slicing off some ham and cheese and grabbing an egg from the fridge. I throw down the egg and start that frying. If you like that finished look, you can use a ring mould. When its time to flip, I flip and I also toss in my ham. If you’re organized, you should have cleaned your espresso machine last night, so you can go ahead and prepare your shot for your Americano. Once that’s started, I come back to the frying pan, and toss the ham on top of the egg and the cheese on top of that so it has time to melt. By this time, the toaster has gone ding and the hot water is boiled.

I grab the english muffin from the toaster and a mug from the cupboard and we’re on the home stretch. I throw a little mayo on the english muffin and pop the top piece on the melty goodness in the fry pan. I then head to the espresso machine and pour the shot in my mug. I transfer the egg and ham from the pan to the bottom half of the muffin and plate. The hot water goes in the mug and voila, Dot Com DIY Breakfast in Five Minutes.

Actually, it took less than that, but you’ll need to get the timing down first. Even for someone who doesn’t work at home, you probably spend more than five minutes at Timmys or Starbucks in a lineup. Why not take five minutes for yourself, have a proper breakfast, and take the coffee to go. While you’re sipping your Americano in rush hour, you can point and giggle at all the people at the drive thru, stressing that they’ll miss their morning meetings.

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