Don’t Forget to Win That Flash Drive!

The 2007 AMD Tech Tour Train Stops in Vancouver

Just so that everyone is aware, I am giving away the above Kingmax 512MB USB Readyboost Flash Drive that I got from the recent AMD Tech Tour in Vancouver. The drive is literally the smallest drive that I have ever seen, and not much bigger than a quarter. You can enter to win it by coming up with a great reason for me to give it to you and posting your well crafted comment in my original post.  Extra marks if you’re able to crack me up 😉

What I forgot to do was tell you folks when the cut off is.  Well, I’ll be making my decision on Sunday, May 27th so you have some time to think up something witty.  As an added incentive, I’ll donate one dollar to charity up to $100 for every entry that I receive. So what are you waiting for?  Make a comment in this post, get a chance to win a cool ReadyBoost USB Flash Drive, and help make a donation to a charity.  Tell all your friends and goodluck!