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Did You Get Your Wii Controller Condoms?

I haven't played with my Nintendo Wii in ages. But when I got my free "Wii Condoms" in the mail, I decided to give it a whirl again.


If you have no clue what I'm talking about, then you missed out on the announcement of a cool freebie that Nintendo is offering existing Wii owners. This is the second freebie that Nintendo has offered its users since they started handing out upgraded Wii Straps for those people that are a little bit more enthusiastic about their Wii Gaming. These "Wii Condoms" protect your controllers (and its users) from injury. They are made of silicon rubber and provide both impact and scratch resistance for your Wii Wireless controllers.


The new "Wii Condoms" provide lots of protection for the tip and tail of your Wii Controllers using a good amount of silicon rubber with a sort of air filled buffer zone moulded in. This buffer zone provides lots of cushion against unplanned drops, bumps, and trips into your television set or your fellow Wii Players. These new covers also cover up the nunchuk expansion port when not in use so that it doesn't get jammed with crap.


In order to see just how much protection these Wii Condoms provided, I sacrificed one of my controllers by dropping it IR sensor down onto bare concrete. The controller walked away unscathed by both the initial drop and the accompanying bouncing, enhanced by the rubberized covers. I even closed my eyes and smoked myself upside the head with the Wii Condomized controller. It definitely beats being smoked upside the head without the cover.

Nintendo is offering these out to all existing Nintendo Wii owners. If you haven't bought your Wii yet, they will be part of all the new shipments this holiday season. You can order up to four of them per system and you will need your serial number to complete the order. For more details, check out this post at MegaTechNews.

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