Wolfgang Puck’s Chinois in Santa Monica

A little while ago, I made a trip down to LA to check out the sights, sounds and tastes.  Here’s a look at Wolfgang Puck’s Chinois restaurant located in Santa Monica. My experience with Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants have been less than stellar so I was really 

What Was Leo Laporte’s Alibi for Having a Crappy 100th Episode Party?

If you haven’t already heard, Ed Lau and the Root of All Evil, gave The Lab With Leo’s 100th Episode Party an enthusiastic thumbs down.  Clearly, someone needs to go on the show and do a Party 101 with him. However, Leo wasn’t all to blame.  John Chow 

Wally’s Deluxe Wagon Burger Experience

After sampling the excellence of Memphis Blues, Vancouver’s Hot Spot for BBQ supremacy, the train rolled on to Knight and Day Restaurant, the birthplace of the legendary Incredible Hulk Burger. Both of these were hits, but is there room for a third? To find this 

Slimey Car Dealerships Beware!

Welcome to another exciting ReviewMe (aff) review! This one is sponsored by Autotropolis. Today we’re going to check out their new Interactive Car Dealership Finder that allows you to rate, review, and research local car dealerships in your area. First Impressions The Autotropolis site is 

Beyond the Rhetoric There is Michael Kwan

It’s time for another fun filled and exciting ReviewMe (aff) Review!  This episode is brought to you by the runner up of Stephen Fung’s Top Comment Whore Contest, our very own, Michael Kwan. Michael is best known as an equal opportunity comment whore, lighting up Top 

John Chow DOT COM – Where Evil Begins!

Welcome to another ReviewMe (aff) Review!  This review has been sponsored by The Root of All Evil… This review, ironically, started on an evil note.  John Chow actually ordered this review under the condition that I order a review from him too while the Half