Stephen Fung’s Gadgets of the Week

Here are a few things that have landed in my lair over the last few days… EarClicks and Solar Chargers First up is the Flamingo Music EarClick Headphones (left) by Cellpoint. These unique headphones actually “click” into your ears using a unique retention system for 

Supersized Dot Com Pho

Today, we had one of our biggest Dot Com Pho’s yet! Attracting over 16 local bloggers, Mr. Lan was surprisingly calm. Here’s this week’s episode of Dot Com Pho put together by John Chow! If you want to see who attended, you can check out 

The World Premiere of Seasons – A Film By The Collective

As some of you know, one of my passions is bikes and every Summer, I get to take The Beast out to some great trails, or bring out the Hardtail to work on my jumping skills. During the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival in 

Learn About Software Security With A Directory of Web Articles

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve done a ReviewMe review. Although I haven’t really missed doing them, I guess it’s time to whip up another one just to stay limber. Just in case you aren’t aware, the rules for a ReviewMe review are all built 

Dine Out Vancouver 2008 – FigMint Restaurant & Lounge

OK, so I lied in my last Dine Out Review. My Port Moody Boathouse Review will not be my only Dine Out Vancouver 2008 review after all 😉 It was kind of funny how this review came about. MONSTER Cable came to town today and invited 

Dine Out Vancouver 2008 – The Boathouse Port Moody

  The Boathouse Port Moody opened up just at the end of last year and has quickly become a popular dining destination in the area. Perched at the boat launch near Rocky Point Park, the brand new restaurant overlooks pictureque Burrard Inlet. Although I’ve actually sampled